Buying Gold As An Investment | 3 Steps to Buying Gold

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The Top Reason Individuals Fail Miserably in E-Mini Trading

I never know which e-mini traders in my program will succeed, and which traders will fail. Sometimes the very brightest, well-educated and stable clients, who you are confident will enjoy great success fail miserably and the quiet fella who just keeps plugging away will catch fire.

E-Mini Trading: What Is the Big Deal With Order Flow and Market Internals?

I vividly recall retiring from The Street/CME with an early buyout and found myself wondering what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I had basically spent my entire life trading stock/bond/futures (wherever I was needed) and wasn’t sure I wanted to continue down that path. Even more disturbing was my unfamiliarity with retail trading. I’d heard e-mini trading was gaining some traction and thought scalping with smaller contract sizes could be an interesting and profitable career choice.

Force Of Law And The Law Of Force

Putin’s aggression in Ukraine reminds us why putting money in Russia, and by extension China, is a gamble rather than an investment. We cannot realistically expect to do business under the force of law, rather than the law of force, in Russia or China today.

The Basics of Investing – How to Start

You don’t have to be rich in order to begin investing your money. In fact, just about anyone that has a little bit of money can do so with just a little bit of time spend in research. Investing is simply an avenue to grow your money over time.

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