BREAKING NEWS! The Recession is Here and Silver Price is Up!

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Why Invest in a Golf Course?

With the new mini-boom in real estate in 2013 investors are again purchasing commercial real estate. They prefer established properties in good neighborhoods with a positive cash flow. There are about 16,000 golf courses (18-36 holes) across the country, about 4,500 nine-hole properties, and nearly 900 par-threes. The better properties have suffered the loss of some players during the real estate crash of 2007-2011 but stand out from the rest by better financial performance.

Importance of Understanding Rating Criteria

One of the most important things that investors consider when investing in fixed income securities is the credit rating of the instruments. Credit rating is an indicator of the creditworthiness of a security. There are three rating agencies that are recognized globally – S&P, Moody’s and Fitch.

Does Wall Street’s Demand for Corporate Profits Negate A Corporations Value to Society?

Some would say that corporations and their quest for ever increasing shareholder’s equity and quarterly profits wreaks of greed, corruption, and everything that is wrong in our society and civilization. Okay so, I am not here to defend any big corporation, they can very well take care of themselves, still, let look a little deeper here before we point too many fingers shall we?

Low-Ballers or Prudent Investors – A Stark Matter of Perspective

More often than not, there is a great expectation by eager sellers who would seek to maximize their net sale proceeds. For owners of well-maintained properties–who have invested faithfully in the upkeep and ongoing maintenance of their properties-they are justified in seeking and obtaining the highest possible net proceeds.

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