Beginners Guide to Forex Trading

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Today in this video i will show you Beginner’s guide to forks trading so Without any delay let’s start forge Trading is one of those few things that Is very underrated in the market and Isn’t discussed broadly we discuss Cryptocurrency or the stock market but Before we learn anything about forks Trading on the forks market Let’s first understand why the forks Market is so popular among traders or Investors because if you can learn about The fears that people feel before Investing or trading in the forex market You can probably get to know about the Forex markets positive and negative Sides it is often seen that people don’t Discuss forex trading people who do Regular trading cryptocurrency or stock Market don’t do any trading in the forex Market this can probably happen because Of a few reasons first of all Data shows that the forex market is Comparatively very less popular than the Stock market in our cryptocurrency Market because of the lack of popularity Of the forks market people don’t feel The interest to enter the market and There may be another reason why people Don’t enter the forks market many people Who trade in the stock market done have A very clear idea or conception about Forks trading and the forks market we Feel you have gathered knowledge about

Why the forks market is not very popular From this discussion now we’re going to Discuss the main topic which is what is Forks the word forks is derived from two Words which are foreign and exchange the Word exchange refers to the exchange of The currencies of foreign countries let Me explain the term forex market and Forex trading in a very simple word but Before moving hither except let’s first Understand the concept of exchange Suppose you live in the united states of America but you have to travel to the United kingdom for some reason now the Currency of the usa which is named the Dollar will not be acceptable in most of The places in the uk because the dollar Is not legitimate currently that’s why We need to exchange our dollars with the Pound or any other currency depending on The country we are visiting to make Transactions that are hassle-free what Is the forex exchange market the forks Market often called the forex exchange Market is an open market where Currencies all around the globe are Traded what is forks trading this is the Most important question of this Beginner’s guide to forks trading Similarly forged trading is the way of Trading currencies of different Countries how do people make money from The forks market from the point of view Of trading in the stock market we trade

Stock or etf stock exchange traded funds Each person and the stock market aims to Make a decent amount of money from the Stock market that’s why we usually buy Shares of companies at a lower price and Sell the company’s shares at a higher Value makes us profit but in the forex Market we do not trade any stocks or etf In the forex market we trade currencies Of different countries just as the price Of all good stocks fluctuates throughout The day the currency’s price with Respect to other currencies changes Every moment people in the forex market Enter into the segment of a particular Currency when they find it lower than Its value and when the value moves up They sell the currency the forks market Is as simple as that how does the forks Market work unlike stocks in the share Market that fluctuate within a Particular time of the day the forex Market remains open the price of a Particular currency keeps fluctuating Every moment for thousands of factors if You have good technical analysis skills You can also enter the forks market buy Currencies at a low price and sell them Higher how to make money from the forks Market the forex market is different From all other kinds of markets we know That the stock market and the price of Stocks is mainly controlled by the Demand and supply of a particular stock

But in the case of the forks market the Price of a currency does not directly Depend on the demand and supply of the Currency rather depends on tons of External factors people in the forex Market do a technical analysis to Determine various information including The chart pattern of the currency and Trading volumes etc technical analysis Does work in forks trading but as we Have said the currency price does not Depend on the volumes or solely any Technical indicators the question that Must appear in our mind is that the Price of any two currencies does not Fluctuate very much on an intraday basis The average vaccination that can be seen Between two currencies of two different Countries is about one to two percent Maximum whereas in the stock market Three to four percent fluctuation of Every company’s stock price on an Intraday basis is very common and in Some cases it can rise to six or seven Percent that’s why traders can make Money in the stock market because of This fluctuation in price with average Amounts of trading capital as the price Of the currency does not move up or down Very much people use a large scale of Money in purchasing those currencies so That if the price moves just 0.5 percent Or even 0.1 percent it makes a great Difference and you will find it strange

That that actually happens in the real World where a minimal amount of Fluctuation in the price of currencies Makes a massive amount of money for Traders wrong analysis can lead to a Massive amount of money loss suppose if A trader is trading with a margin of 10 000 0.1 percent change will result in a Profit or loss of 10 But now the question is from where does The trader get the money the previous Example says that if you trade with a Margin of ten thousand you can earn About ten dollars per 0.1 percent of Price fluctuation in that currency so You might be wondering where all the Money comes from does a trader need to Have that amount of money in his trading Account to take the trade Or is there something else the answer is That forex traders don’t require money In their trading accounts as traders who Deal in forks get leverage we have Already discussed the concept of Leverage but we are explaining the Matter once again inbred in trading Leverages the margin you will get on Your capital to trade if you have a Capital of dollar one thousand and your Broker allows you tanks leverage now you A dollar ten thousand to trade with the Amount of leverage a trader gets in the Forks market is way much higher than

People get in the stock market sometimes Some brokers allow up to 20 or even Third x leverage now comes to the Conclusion i will conclude the video by Saying that leverage is an excellent Concept in trading and every trader Should take the benefit of leverage but It is true that if leverage maximizes The potential return by two extra threes It also maximizes the chance of loss by Two or three So when using leverage keep in mind to Calculate the risk according to your Financial condition that’s all in this Video some best investment and trading Offers are given in the description so Don’t forget to check them if you like This video then click on the like button Share it and give your opinion through a Comment if you have not subscribed to This channel yet then do it right now And also press the bell icon to get the Notifications of my future videos thanks For watching

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