BE PREPARED – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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[Music] And you said something that was key you Said like you got to have level of value And that's I didn't get a chance to say That but of course that's another part Of it right where it's like if you don't Have anything you have something to Bring to the table If you don't have anything to bring to The table we have no value and your Whole point of meeting with somebody is Just to pick their brain and just take In that scenario because it's like it It's not beneficial Because you you don't have any level of Value that you're bringing right so your Goal is to be as your goal in life Should be to be as most valuable person In the room and at the whole time so When you meet somebody because you're Going to meet somebody at some time That's a crazy thing like you're going To meet somebody and like I said top of The show you got to be prepared you Never know you're ready you never know Never know when you're going to meet Somebody that's the thing about it like You're going to meet somebody if if You're especially if you're intentional If you live in LA you're going to meet Somebody walking down the street like It's going to happen Are you prepared or are you not prepared Yep that's it that's the that's that's

What it all comes down to in life Because you might not have that meeting Ever again right now I have that Opportunity ever again So it's like Your whole life should be working to Make yourself valuable to make yourself A resource to have something that you Can you know change the world with and When you meet somebody that can help Change your life make sure you're in a Position to add value it's not about Just taking a picture That's important like this is a world That we live in people will pay money to Take a picture with somebody and I get It social media clout and it could Potentially lead to some level of you Know money in some in some regards and Dudes be taking pictures for cloud to Try and get something they don't deserve To go get and then get it and don't do Nothing with it but I'm saying it's a Trick bag of like yo I got co-signed by This person because they took they put The arm around me take a candidate I Know all the tricks take a candy picture So it looks like it's real So all right it's like you know yeah but But people say a lot of things on social Media And they don't fully understand what They're saying Because they've never experienced it and

That even me like there's things that I've never experienced So I can't I'm not qualified to speak on Certain things because I've never Experienced it it's not worth it to talk About when I do when I when I have Experienced certain things Makes me Authority in the space so when We talk about talking to billionaires We've spoken to at least 10 what are you Talking about Mark Cuban Diddy Robert Smith Tyler Perry Michaels dog peoples Um we just had them on Market Mondays A few weeks ago You could throw forward in the list Floyd Yes he had conversation with Dan Kathy Dan Kathy met him we didn't put them in Details and met him man and I'm gonna be Real I'm a huge fan of podcasts I told Y'all I've been listening to podcasts Since I was in college Tim Ferriss Lewis House I got love for them they ain't Pulled this off No No yeah twice Thanks so garyvee probably hit that in a Couple years like And just and I know because even when I Post it you know when someone has more Money than me now listen people like

Yours drug dealers who That doesn't mean you should listen I'm Like no you should listen No this is extremely important like oh It should yo you should listen you don't Have to imp everything you don't have to Idolize somebody you don't have to live The same exact life I don't care if you El Chapo to reach That level of success is almost Impossible you you're not a normal Person and you've done things that have Separated yourself from everybody else Pablo Escobar you can look at his Business model his business model is Actually very effective he PO he was the First person to pull the families Together you realize the distribution Chain he said we're more effective if We're working together as opposed to Fighting each other and they had a Distribution chain that was making Billions of dollars a year now the Product that's not that's not the best Product to be Distributing but you still Can learn things from it or is it clip This up put this on the shade It's easy that was the end Ally I'm the easy scapegoat you've expressed Why he ain't done lab have nothing to do With nothing No ma'am Yeah And DC Young Fly I appreciate y'all I

Know that man it's red panda yeah yes Ma'am you went down that list no I'm not No man Doing that no man I was just saying Imagine the the people we've come in Contact with who was on their way Obviously sh is on his way to a Billionaire but even like the the the Defense the world uh people we met in Abu Dhabi and some of the people who ran Into Dubai who like we don't even know Their vote and they can I mean like you Just don't know but are you going to be Ready I think that's one of the early Things I learned from um Charlie in in Our journey in Egypt I remember you know I'm good at recognizing who the people Are in the room and uh sometimes I'll be Like yo I used to chat with my yo that's Like all right let's let's go say Something I'm like yeah yeah I'm like Now we're doing next time and he looked At me one time this is like early Probably like three months in he's like Yo you're not gonna have another time we Got to do it now we gotta do it now part Of life I've been Relentless like There's not gonna be another moment this Is the moment this is the this was Supposed to happen right now what are we Gonna do let's see if we prepare that Happened to me in Houston Um this girl I wanted her to introduce Me to this guy and she was like um now's

Not the now's not the time it's the only Time so I said this is the only time You can't tell me it's not the right Time when I'm literally standing in Front of him and you know him personally And and I'm in Houston like you know This is the only time But it doesn't make sense you gotta go For it go for it yeah yeah you got to go For it I mean and that's true in life's From Dayton true friendships like we I See so many people and I asked the Snipers this other night on a stock Club Call how many people got access to Sniper for free and they waited nine Months to learn the information just to Hear Peter come on and say hey I use EMAs and give you the same [ __ ] setup The people that executed though did Great or how many people do you guys Know Who had incredible talent to do a Podcast And on paper probably could have beat You and they put out four episodes in One year or eight episodes consistency Consistency are they gonna get to 50 Episodes Not many are going to do it like Everything is and I keep beating this Lesson home because and then I'll say This too In order for us to best serve you we Have to continue to elevate whether you

Choose to elevate or not That is up to you But I can't tell my son in two years hey Man I could have done more but I was Waiting for everyone else to get their Things in order and I was waiting for Them that sounds stupid Executed a high level Taking the information if you don't have Time to read make time if you don't make Time you don't want to be rich it's fine If you don't make time to make content You don't want to be rich if you don't Invest in the long term you don't want To be rich if you don't listen to me you Don't want to be rich because anybody That you guys listen to that don't like Me they were not doing this [ __ ] prior To me let me see some posts from 2015 2013 2012. They were not there Be the most valuable person in the world At your thing and when you get in the Room like Trace said in this example Ashadi it's the only time Doing the deal or no I flew back from New York landed I mean flew from New York to Houston landed Peter called me Hey I got an interview with you with Fintech TV did not want to do it flew Back didn't even get into my room at two O'clock in the morning was at the Exchange S7 as a result all these hedge

Funds now want me to come and trade with Them I could have said no I'm tired I don't Feel like it You think that dude buy a trip back to Atlanta and then New York is fun for Them no The Math Hoffa showed as soon as we Landed same day four hours until two O'clock in the morning We're gonna that's the second final Interview Yeah I'm losing that foot till two we Got there at 10. but it started a little Late did y'all go Tony Yayo crazy or What was divided it was it was it was it Was it was it was civil yeah yeah we all Stayed in us here and we had uh uh Alexander um personally found a football Oh my gosh again yeah he was uh he's one Of the uh founding members of Kubo so Damon John Um yeah Yeah we'll get his name what's up good Brother yeah oh all right Alexander yo What's his name I think Jake yeah That's my brother man He said in that interview with us he was Part of the interview as well [Music]

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