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[Music] Listen when all the attacks came out Last year I was out somebody stopped me like I Need to put a bug in here this is about To happen I could have been like nah bro I'm busy like sometimes goddess and some Angels to you as well to tell you what To look out for make time for people That's a lot of labels a lot of artists A lot of business people who didn't Listen for them five minutes because it Was too busy Huge mistake not huge mistake take the Time that's Wall Street Trapper that's His story he came to we had a networking Party in Houston this was three years Ago four years ago yeah I heard that was A little too I'm mad necessary situation Um he came to the networking party From New Orleans flew in uh and Introduced himself he came to meet us he Introduced himself to me he said my name Is Wall Street travel I'm on Instagram I'm like oh yeah I see your post And he's like um you know I want to Introduce myself he told me a story and I said okay well unless you are you Interested in doing a show don't you Want to be on the podcast he said yeah Tell me when where to be my guy let's do New York next week and he flew to New York I don't think he ever he was in New York

Before his first time coming to New York He flew to New York he came To the studio and we did an episode Episode 44. Um fire Roundtable green wall and and That changed everything That stock is documented imagine not Very it's not a theory it's not just He's prepared oh he was ready he was Documented Eastside golf Another one shout out to Earl met him at The lobby at the Lowe's Hotel shout out To assistant too and once again he was Prepared he came up to me people call me All the time you gotta put me on your Show no I really don't I really don't Have to put you on the show but he's he Might clipped it up It's a fact though bro but he came up to Me he was like he said yo Um I gotta come to Eastside girl I'm Like okay golf company okay uh okay We partnered with the Jordan brand Excuse me You Then he showed it to me on his phone People say anything showed me an article In Forbes Eastside golf partners with Jordan brand That's instant credibility there's no More credible what else do you want to Do like he's prepared he had imagine He's like trying to Fumble through his Phone and trying to find it and oh man

Can't find it he probably had it on Saved like he he knew okay I'm gonna Meet him I'm gonna tell him this but I'm Not just gonna tell him this I'm gonna Show it to him see Motivated speech and it helps be kind in Those DM in the comments too because Imagine if there would have been Slandering you in your DMs before which I've seen people try to get interviews At other places and they go back up two Years like Be kind do the work do the work here be Prepared happy dancing man how do you Get on make sure that you hot wherever You're at that the people tell like yo They need y'all you need to be up there Your work ethic and your grind is going To be speak so loud the volume is going To be so loud that's gonna be everything We're gonna be like yo we gotta speak to This person they're doing something Incredible I mean all we do is highlight People are doing incredible things why Wouldn't we highlight you Um even at the episode 70 I was supposed To be in California A Sunday in in uh January yeah I was Like all right Castle to change it Showed up with the producer with the Producer chair the high chair Producer chair in my kitchen he can't Produce I'll say it now and can't Produce no we should no I know that one

I don't know I'm not gonna hold it Imagine Dairy we still got that footage Legend do we still have that yeah we Have it terrible legendary Legend shout That [ __ ] off of Nokia 3600 Yeah Kitchen what will we do with that Footage wow in the kitchen bloopers when You got it what did you think when you Got the footage what do you think These are the edited files I'm like what Detroit was like let me see I said I Can't end it when you saw the hiking What was your first thought when you saw The high chair did you know the high Chair was coming I didn't know when I saw the high chair I'm like he's trash I'm like I've never seen any dope Videographer or filmmaker have the hype I said he took over the whole situation I said where we gonna put this bro yeah Yeah direct this chair that was a legend That's like if you go hooping you see a Dude with Jordan headband and a sleeve And the Jordan I'm like you getting if You got the arms even two wristbands in A headband He getting just over with four thousand And three turnovers in fact boys Legendary man Um Market Mondays we got some big Announcements coming that we can't Announce can we can't announce yet

Vermont Wyoming we're coming Naomi on The way Kanye West Ranch Des Moines We're on the way boys shout out to Des Moines Before we leave oh we will be in Davao Switzerland all week so much for the World's economic Forum yes that is Illuminated vision and Rashad can can You please enlighten the people on what Happens and who are the type of people That will be in Davos with us The most powerful people in the world The Illuminati [Laughter] Amongst others Their plants Come to make economic decisions that Impact the entire planet Literally yes like no joke like that's That's legit like that's what that's What happens literally and uh we will be There Bro We'll let you know Yeah I'll let you know how it goes how The world's looking Bring me back my JP Morgan Jackson Please I knew they would change uh Hey next Okay Next week we'll fill you in on what Happened before we leave to Irv Gotti um We haven't had a hip-hop debate on Market Mondays in a while but we meant

To do Irv guy shout out to Earth dope Interview check it out and he mentioned That um Nas uh might have the best song Hip-hop song of all time called made you Look which was actually our theme song Yes the first couple episodes audio Experience Um we had made you look it's a theme Song and we still play that song most of The time when we go out on the road and We perform Um that's the intro song that that Brings us out And uh a Blog shout out to hip-hop wolf They they posted it yesterday and I Reposted it and uh it's crazy you know Watching like a thousand comments people Going back and forth Um so it's always a good debate and uh I'll open it up to you guys but it's Interesting what Nas when you think About Nas you think about somebody that Arguably has the best album of all time Illmatic arguably now I guess has the Best hip-hop song of all time And arguably has the best this record of All time in ether no we're not doing 23. Number one disc record yes what's that Don't say hit them up Better than bridges over Hit him up it's not even in my top three But the bridge is over at night my top Three Number one yeah take over at number two

And Takeover is hard Drake back to back maybe back to back All right Meek Millie shout out to me I got Back-to-back got nominated for a Grammy No Mac they was playing Listen to this child you know this is True The bridge is over shout out to KRS Everybody in the Bronx when he made that Record The MC Shannon to do I'm gonna give you A hip-hop lesson right now MC Shannon The Jew School big thing that was huge Right Molly Mall big thing When Chris Parker made the bridges over He literally stopped the sound from that Borough and told and that's why I got to Give Knox Credit until the three letters That came from Queen's bridge in the Album and that's not the album oh it's Still point out no he did well we wasn't Kuji rap would still pointing out music Not not not in not name not cool Mama Said Knock You Out I'll give you That no we're still pointing out music That's a different conversation let's Get back to this um Best Song Ever you Said did you are you a grandma that's Cat well let me let me preface this let Me preface this because the Hip-Hop Hip-Hop when he said hip-hop he means The true elements of hip-hop that boom

Bat that boom bat sound so it's like When you think of hit like if you play That song and it was an alien from outer Space and they said like give me one Song that like I can understand what hip-hop is yeah That because it has all the elements Right like you have the The Gunshot you Got the break beat you got you got the The um the lyrics It Feels Like Somebody Break dancing it feels like an idiot Even a references like also my Barbershop he was like rooftop like we Bringing 88 back through the Wild Things Baseball yeah he that's like almost Every element of Like Raw can I give you a bigger one can I Give you a bigger record yeah I got five I connect five which ones I would say if You if somebody didn't know what hip-hop Was and that's a major look is a great Record I would argue That Juicy but maybe the juiciest It's not a single record if we if you Didn't sing a reference who was the Sample I could name five from Big Five Big joints I think juicy would probably Be the one that's better No the sample is but I'm saying it's not An RB record it's a r based record it's Based on r b it's samples it's a r b Okay I can't even go Nas One mic is

Better One mic is up there that's raps Everybody want Mike's up there bro the Way he Tempo that up and down that was That was legendary biggie warnings Better Going Back to Cali biggie Absolutely not and not going back to Cali warning okay I like that I like That I'm still not taking it over Method Man oh what do you say Method Man All I need that's better hip-hop record All right hip hop when we say hip-hop I Think because what Irv was talking about Those that's Mary J Blige that's a Hip-hop Fusion at the beginning element Of hip-hop there was no r b element to It it was just hard break beats dancing Okay so that's what he meant by made you Look is the best hip-hop record all Those other records you start that's When hip-hop started to evolve and you Start to infuse R&B all right then I'm Gonna go DMX don't have any better songs No you don't look you know who does I'm Gonna tell you who does what everybody For president is in the category it's up There it has to be in there we're Talking about that juice too But Eric B for president and then you've Got to put Slick Rick I'm only 19 but my mind is Older we leaving that Prodigy in heaven No no no no no that's better hip-hop Record I'm putting Slick Rick I'm Putting Mona Lisa to the edge joint now

Mona Lisa has got to be in there too Close to the edge for this Jew Soundtrack that's legendary what's the Name of that song juice right no no no No no no the ledge that that's that's Another great hip-hop heartbeat for President The show how are we not telling the show These record doggy style I can say Snoop got a couple so well I Asked them I asked him about that and His thing with the West Coast was that Once again that's not the core element Of hip-hop because they they infused the Funk so that was like the George Clinton Yeah and all of that and it was that you Know heavy on the guitar because he's a Producer so he's looking at a producing Standpoint so I understood so when he When he explained it to me like that I Said okay I understand where you I Understand what you're saying I Understand why are you putting majority We in here That gunshot Legendary you're the man is like if We're gonna talk beats you didn't even Hesitate when you just said that what Like made you look you know there was Nothing there's no hesitation wow no Question wow why would there be Hesitation no no question wow why would That be a hesitation though I'll be the President that's a that's a monster

Shout out to Rakim And what's up [Music] I know they can't stand it

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