Australia Encourages China to Divest Rare Earth Assets Amid Uncertainty Over Refund for US Submarine Deal

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Australia encourages China to divest its rare earth assets amid uncertainty over the refund for the US submarine deal.

Australia Encourages China to Divest Rare Earth Assets Amid Uncertainty Over Refund for US Submarine Deal


In a world where economic alliances and disputes shape international relations, Australia’s recent directive for a Chinese investor to divest their rare earth assets has sparked contentious debates worldwide. This move, occurring against the backdrop of escalating tensions between global superpowers, sheds light on the intricate interplay of politics and economics. Sean Foo, in his latest video, delves into the implications of this directive and its ripple effects on the evolving economic landscape. Let’s dive deeper into the insights provided by Sean Foo’s analysis.

The Impact of Australia’s Directive on Chinese Investors

  • The directive to force Chinese investors to sell their rare earth assets highlights Australia’s strategic shift in response to China’s growing dominance in critical industries.
  • Australian authorities emphasize the need to safeguard national interests and autonomy in the face of expanding Chinese influence in the rare earth sector.

Economic Balkanization and the Formation of Competing Blocs

  • The global trend towards economic balkanization underscores the emergence of distinct economic blocs vying for control and influence.
  • With countries increasingly prioritizing self-reliance and strategic autonomy, the formation of competing blocs reflects a new era of economic nationalism.

The AUKUS Deal’s Peculiar Turn and the Absence of a Clawback Clause

  • The AUKUS pact involving Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States encounters a unique challenge stemming from the absence of a clawback clause.
  • The lack of a preemptive mechanism to address uncertainties and contingencies raises questions about the deal’s long-term viability and implications for the involved parties.

China’s Strategic Response to Economic Pressures from the West

  • As Western countries intensify efforts to reduce dependence on Chinese rare earths, China is compelled to forge closer ties with Russia to counter economic pressures.
  • The shifting geopolitical dynamics underscore China’s strategy to diversify its partnerships and secure alternative avenues amid escalating global rivalries.

The Pursuit of Rare Earth Supply Chain Independence

  • Western nations express a keen interest in establishing autonomous rare earth supply chains outside China’s sphere of influence.
  • The quest for self-sufficiency in critical resources signals a broader strategy to mitigate vulnerabilities and reduce reliance on a dominant player in the market.


Sean Foo’s insightful analysis of Australia’s directive to encourage Chinese divestment in rare earth assets underscores the intricate web of geopolitical and economic factors shaping global interactions. As nations navigate the complexities of strategic competition and alliance-building in a post-decoupling world, the significance of securing critical resources and asserting control over key industries becomes increasingly pronounced. In the ever-evolving landscape of international affairs, proactive measures undertaken by countries like Australia reflect a broader trend towards safeguarding national interests and promoting economic resilience amid uncertainty and volatility.


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