Artificial Intelligence SURPRISING Thoughts on Silver Investing – AI Chatbot (ChatGPT)

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What's up YouTube Silver dragons here And in this video we're going to ask Artificial intelligence about investing In precious metals and see what it says So let's do it Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it we have Chat GPT opened up here uh the website Is a lot of people have Been talking about this uh particular Artificial intelligence if you don't Know GPT stands for generative Pre-trained Transformer yeah my name is Optimus Prime uh some people might Prefer to call it degenerative because Some of the answers that this thing will Give you are a little bit controversial Right so let's read this little blurb Here it says uh chat GPT this is a free Research preview our goal is to get External feedback in order to improve Our systems and make them safer while we Have safeguards in place the system May Occasionally generate incorrect or Misleading information and produce Offensive or biased content it is not Intended to give advice okay so let's Start off with a low ball question what Is is silver see what it has to say it's Thinking okay silver is a chemical Element with the symbol Ag and atomic Number 47 it is a soft white lustrous Trans transition metal okay that's weird

Um it exhibits the highest electrical Conductivity thermal conductivity and Reflectivity of any metal that is true Uh the metal is found in Earth's crust And the pure free Elemental form native Silver as an alloy with gold and other Metals and in minerals such as oh my Goodness I can't pronounce those most Silvers produce as a byproduct of copper Gold lead and zinc refining so pretty Close Um yeah I mean there's mostly accurate Information in here the atomic number is 47. 47 for sure that's the atomic number for Silver it's uh got the most electrical Conductivity thermal conductivity and Reflectivity of any metal that's true Let's ask it another question uh should I buy silver Now we're getting a little bit more Thick in the weeds here right hasta la Vista baby okay so it answered there is No one answer to this question that Would be applicable to all people in all Situations the decision to buy silver or Any other investment should be based on Your personal financial goals risk Tolerance and overall investment Strategy like any Investments buying Silver carries some risks the price of Silver can be volatile and may fluctuate Significantly over short periods of time Additional there are various factors

That can affect the price of silver such As economic conditions gov government Policies and geopolitical events if You're considering buying silver is Important to do your own research and Carefully consider all the factors that May affect the price of the metal you May also want to consult a financial Advisor or professional before making Any investment decisions so I really Like this answer definitely it's not Applicable to all people in all Situations if you can't even put food on The table you know pay rent you should Focus on that before buying any silver Does definitely carry risks I agree with That silver price can be volatile there Are other factors yeah I mean this is All really really good so I guess Artificial intelligence is smarter than I thought in this Arena so far but let's Ask it some more questions how about Let's see what is silver Stacking let's see if it knows what Silver stacking is I'm actually kind of Curious what it thinks because you know Silver stacking this is maybe a term That they've never heard before can you Speak Bocce of course I can say it's Like a second language to me all right Shut up I'll take this shut up Um okay they definitely have heard of it Uh silver stacking is a term that refers To the practice of buying and

Accumulating physical silver as an Investment silver stackers typically Purchase silver coins bars or rounds With the goal of uh building up a Collection of the metal over time some People who engage in silver stacking do So as a way to hedge against economic Uncertainty or as a store of value While Others may be attracted to Silver for Its potential uh for capital Appreciation interesting there are Various ways to go about silver stacking And the specific approach that an Individual takes may depend on their Personal financial goals and risk Tolerance some people may choose to Focus on accumulating a certain amount Of silver While others may be more Interested in acquiring a diverse range Of silver products it is important to Carefully consider your investment Strategy and to do thorough research Before buying silver wow okay artificial Intelligence hitting the nail on the Head once again please Take this I have a feeling it may mean more to you Than to me silverstacking I would say That's basically a perfect description There practice of buying and Accumulating physical silver as an Investment and with the emphasis on Physical silver I mean to me if you're a Silver stacker you have to be buying

Physical silver and then it even goes One Step deeper it says silver stackers Typically purchase silver coins bars or Rounds with the goal of building up a Collection of the metal over time I Don't really like the word collection But let's ask another question here What will the price of silver be in 2023 It's going to be cold It's gonna be Gray And it's Gonna Last you for the rest of Your life If it knows this I mean I will be Extremely impressed they don't have Access to the internet or anything like That so uh okay here we go I'm sorry but I'm unable to predict the future price Of silver or any other financial asset The price of silver and other Investments is determined by a variety Of factors including supply and demand Economic conditions and market trends Among others these factors can change Rapidly and it is impossible to Accurately predict how they will evolve Over time it is important to be cautious When making investment decisions and to Be aware of the value of any asset can Go up or down it is a good idea to Diversify your Investment Portfolio and To carefully consider your financial Goals and risk tolerance before making Any investment decisions so all right They're not able to predict the price of

Silver which you know I guess I'm okay With this answer as well you know if Someone asked me what will the price of Silver be in 20 23 I probably would Venture a guess but I would also say I'm You know I don't have a crystal ball I Can't accurately predict what it will be We can just you know make a educated Guess so I kind of wish that they did Take a guess which I understand for Legal purposes they probably can't do Anything like that uh but anyway I'm I'm Okay with this response let's ask it Another question about silver Um is Silver price Manipulated let's see what they say About this I'm actually really curious Because a lot of us do think the price Of silver is manipulated so oh my gosh They're they're gonna go into it Okay Um there have been some claims that the Price of silver is manipulated by Certain Market participants however it Is important to note that the prices of Financial assets are influenced by a Wide range of factors and it is Difficult to attribute any specific Price movement to a single cause I don't like that I think that we Definitely can attribute certain price Movements to uh certain causes but uh Okay like any Market the silver market

Can be subject to various forms of Manipulation such as insider trading Market manipulation and other fraudulent Activities however it is important to Note that there are regulatory agencies That are responsible for monitoring and Enforcing laws and regulations that are Designed to prevent these types of Activities it is always a good idea to Be cautious okay Um so yeah all right I'm okay with this Answer for the most part I would say They definitely don't say there's no Manipulation in the silver market like Any Market the silver market can be Subject to various forms of manipulation So they're saying that there can be Manipulation in the silver market this Is the form of insider trading Market Manipulation and other fraudulent Activities so yeah all right I guess I'm Okay with that answer as well seems like They're doing pretty good I mean I feel Like like this artificial intelligence Has a pretty good grasp on Silver let's Ask it another question here I'm really Curious about this one okay so I asked It uh what is better to buy silver coins Or silver bars and answered both silver Coins and silver bars can be good Options for buying silver as an Investment the choice between the two Will depend on your personal preferences And financial goals okay one potential

Advantage of silver coins is that they May be more widely recognized and easier To sell or trade than silver bars so They're basically saying they're more Liquid many people are familiar with Silver coins and feel comfortable buying Them so they may be more liquid in the Market okay in addition silver coins may Be eligible for use in a precious metals Ira which could be a consideration if You are looking to hold your silver as a Long-term investment okay I actually Feel really good about that on the other Hand silver bars may offer some benefits Over coins as well for example they Often have a lower premium the amount Added to the spot price of silver to Cover the cost of production Distribution and expenses than coins Which can make them a more economical Choice additionally silver bars come in A range of sizes so you can choose the Amount that best fits your budget it may Be helpful to do some research and Compare the options available to Determine which one is the best fit for You wow okay they are basically spot on With uh silver coins versus silver bars This is crazy this is crazy so I was Kind of um I don't know I was not really Thinking that artificial intelligence Would be able to answer these questions As well as they have uh we didn't really Ask it any crazy difficult questions

Maybe we could do a follow-up video in The future I'll be back look on silver Coins and silver bars they are basically Spot on with their answer that's pretty Much what I would say if someone asked Me you know the difference between the Two which one is better so I'm very Impressed I am curious what all of you Think about uh artificial intelligence And its answers to these uh questions About silver feel free to put your Comments Down Below in the comments Section I do want to say thank you for Watching and I'll see you in my next Video silver dragons out

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