Are we wrong about free speech? – Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, Owen Anderson

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Foreign Radio show the good news and bad news About money And today we have I don't know I'm so Excited about this show I am very Excited very very excited about this Program because technically it's about Free speech But bigger more macro it's a it's the Story of Rich Dad Poor Dad The gunfighter the old K Corral coming Up in real life and just to give you an Example what what happened is if this Summer My team and I were teaching at Arizona State University Barrett's honor Students and so these are the honors Kids you know something I never got into And It was the best time we had the best Time all summer coming in and teaching So Ken macro would teach real estate and Masala would teach oil and the other guy Would teach taxes and then legal defense And you know basically everything the Entrepreneurs really know And it was a rock and roll event Probably about 75 young students again They're all You know on our students they're a Bright they're smart you play the cash Flow game hey Cash Flow game And I slap them around a little bit like A marine and they just loved you know

The t-shirts and that's because you Can't say that to your kids because I Caught one kid texting and I just Blasted them in the class hey pay Attention hey and then anyway it was it Was just like I was back in the Marine Corps talking to these young guys and so The instructor well the person in charge Of us was on edge But it came out to be a fabulous program So to continue on we decided we'd do and Invented damage and damage is this big Like half of the theater on Arizona State University's campus and we had It was a health wealth happiness nice You know vanilla type of uh subject not Controversial it's not controversial Yeah so it's where Dr rodo gopalan Who Is our my cardiologist and the head Myself so Dr kopalan was health because He's East and West medicine he's a Doctor of Cardiology but he's also a Doctor of acupuncture So he's east and west Had myself for wealth and then we had Dennis Prager for happiness and Dennis Prager really has made me a lot Happier I mean I sincerely thank that Guy plus uh Prager University and Rich Dad are joining forces who are working Together to bring Financial education Through that so it was a really happy Event until

The teachers started to protest so the Students were happy we were happy you Know it was happy and we also had Charlie Kirk Charlie Kirk from turning Point USA he was kind of the opening act Of this event so I guess you know I Guess Charlie is flamethrower or Something but you know I go to school to Learn I want I was kind of excited I Never met Charlie Kirk like people kept Saying to us you got to meet Charlie Kirk so I'll beat him you know if Ho Chi Minh was there I'd meet him you know What I mean I did or Mouse said tongue Or Adolf Hitler no kidding I want to Meet you You know but what what happened Kim so What what happened is everything was Fine and the students were fine and then Um the professors there's 47 professors Is that correct oh yeah in the Barrett Honors College right yes and our guest Is is a is Infamous now But they're sporting in a very good way There's 47 professors 37 professors Signed this petition to ban the event Because they did not want the Viewpoint The conservative Viewpoint of Charlie Kirk or the conservative Viewpoint of Dennis Prager on their campus which Brought up the whole free speech thing So it was quite controversial Um a lot of back and forth as a result I Think we ended up with more

People in the audience because they Wanted to stand up for free speech which Was a great thing and I think there Could be some very great Um Recessional events that happen as a Result of this event but today we're Very so let me say this was The Showdown When the when the teachers started to Protest and said oh my God on a macro Scale or a metaphysical scale this is Rich Dad import it because my my poor Dad was a PhD You know very smart guy what I don't Tell many people He never went to school to get his PhD I Mean he did I mean he never went to school get his Uh I mean he went to Four-year college but he got it done in A year and a half You got us Bachelor's in a year and a Half got his Masters and his PhD and the Guy was my my rich My Poor Dad was so Smart That he was just zipping through school I mean the epitome of it Whereas my Rich Dad as some even know he Never went to school But he was a capitalist and my poor dad Was a Marxist he didn't know that either So I'm a kid growing up in Hawaii and That was it so ASU Arizona State University's a showdown

And it turned out so great even though It was really terrible it turned out Great people showed up just to see the Gunfight and the thing that happened we Met so many new friends and one of them Is our guest today is Dr Owen Dr Owen Anderson he's one of the guys that's Fighting back against I don't fighting Back but but he stood up he stood up and He said no for free speech for free Speech and Dr Anderson's a professor of Philosophy and religious studies and at ASU and as we were talking before we Started the show he's like you're you're Used to debates you're used to taking on Different points of view and now it Seems like there's only one point of View that's allowed on college campuses So welcome to the show It's great to be here and thanks for Standing up that takes guts because I Know what it's like to be on a And close Society like a campus exactly Yeah there's no it's no fun for sure in Terms of the kinds of pushback you get The interactions with others but at the Same time it's the right thing to do and So you have to do it and as you said Since I'm a philosopher I'm sort of Trained to debate I'm trained to play Devil's Advocate I call it sun Devil's Advocate that's where the Sun Devils and And in my classes I argue for positions That I don't agree with but I want the

Students to hear the best presentation Of each View and so we go through both Sides of different topics and I do my Best to make it so the students can Guess my view okay so I'm used to that Kind of thing so when I hear someone say No we shouldn't have a view on campus uh In this case it's a conservative side But I would say the same thing about a Liberal side it's just that on University campuses you don't have to Make that case because 99 of the events Are going to be far left so when people Argued back with me and said well how Could you support this person they said The following now every time they quoted It was something out of context someone Territory thing but the approach I took Was I said well let's say that's true You should be excited to have someone Like that on campus Because you can Publicly debate them and expose them so The things they said about Charlie Kirk And Dennis Prager or Robert are true in Their letter Then of course you want to have a public Debate but unfortunately what happens is You get something called the chilling Effect which is that people are made to Feel uncomfortable if they speak up or They attend an event so they do Something called self-censoring and a Lot of religious and conservative Students that go to State University

Self-censor because they know their Professors are far left human is usually Psycho-humanists And so they think if I speak up or I Defend my view in class I'll get a bad Grade and that's been the report we're Hearing back from Barrett Honors College Is that that is how they're feeling that They their pressure their their Professors use their class time and use Their email list to voice to put out Their boycott of this event wow so a Quick go step back a little bit when did You hear about this whole thing starting To bubble and brew and come into a head My friend Jonathan Barth who's on that Campus on age I'm on the Asus West Campus he's in that campus in history And he contacted me and he's not Associated with the Lewis Center none of Us who wrote our letter are associated With the Lewis Center so he let me know About it and I said yeah I want to help There's only him and Don critzlow two Other professors I said I want to be in On this and so he wrote a a really nice Article uh he wrote the most of it and We send it to daily wire and said hey There's three of us at ASU the who are Speaking out though we think we should Go to defend and like you said this is a Very health wealth and happiness there Was no limits it wasn't health wealth And happiness for anybody it was all

Humans can have health wealth and Happiness right so I know for sure There's going to be even more Controversial talks right than that That's not controversial at all but but Why did these I think it was 37 of them Professors came up against us what would Cause that Why would they care Well all of you up there besides Dr Gopalan are and I say that just because He doesn't he does Health like you said Not so much anything political are known To have more conservative views and of Course Dennis Prager is known for prayer You and Charlie Kirk is known for train Points USA and so all of you were Mentioned in that letter in a very Slanderous terms I mean the things they Called each of you Count a slander and they should be Willing to debate you in public that's One of the most important parts of our Legal system is you're allowed to efface Your face your accuser so I'm gonna go Step back but what in the world what What did we do to piss them off I mean Well what was the what was the turning Point should we say Charlie corwitz yeah I think you I think you Perfectly summarized it in the event you Held up a little booklet And you said Yeah is the Communist Manifesto I

Brought my copy I got it I found an old Copy of the used bookstore I thought I Want to have that and it was funny Because my daughter started laying Around and and she said dad you're Reading the Communist Manifesto do you Know I told her absolutely I I read Everything I can get my hands on right That's what we should want to do and Learn how to read what do other people Think so uh yeah I brought my copy too Today so we can maybe go through that in A little bit because you held that up And you said if you want to get to know Your professors read this and you're Right yeah so that's why is it you guys Are questioning the narrative that is Communism Communist Manifesto but also Freudian sexual Theory and those go Together yes I'm pretty familiar with The Communist manifest about not sexual Thing yeah so Freudian sexual Theory Teaches us that our our identity is Wrapped around our psycho sexual Development in our youth and so today we Have this really radical gender ideology Being pushed which makes what you think Your gender is the central piece of your Self-identity it's unquestionable and so That's really traceable to the Freudian I call it the thing I call it the Marxist and Freudian religions wow Because both Marx and Freud have been Debunked as scientists for Marxist

Marxism economic theory is simply false From economic as an economic science and Freud as well he's a pseudoscientist he Doesn't actually do psychological Science his his methods weren't Scientific but they they continue to Persist I would say in the same way a Religion does I would say so interesting So back to the to the gender thing for Just a moment Doesn't that just confuse the heck out Of kids Well yeah I mean I think you know when I When I was on Dennis Prager Show we Talked I'm a Christian he's Jewish we Share in common Genesis chapter one and It stays pretty directly right there God Created man male and female and I think That's a really basic thing that I mean It's like the first thing you figure out In kindergarten yeah right And and so yeah I would think applying Freudian sexual religion Has has only turned out into disasters But we still see it going on and to your And to the point too of um what some of The pushback was uh one of the things I Read is that Charlie Kirk he's a Terrible man do you know he says there's Only two genders yeah and they went off On this it was like I'm like yes that's What I understand there's two genders Well that's the thing is you're so so They would say there's two biological

Sexes but then there's a potentially Infinite number of genders because You're able to you know on this Freudian Model sort of just say what you think Your gender is and develop yourself Because otherwise you're allowing Culture or some traditional religion Like Christianity to force you into a Preconceived mold and so it also has a Lot of existentialist Vibes where you Determine your own existence you create Yourself So all of those go together I'm a real Estate professor and I think really the Marx Freud religion has has been the Most successful religion in the 20th Century and if you think about world History even if you're opposed to it you Have to admit yeah the Marxist religion Spreads like wildfire throughout the World and that's because it touches on Something that you have spent your Career on which is wealth and labor and It gives the working class this idea That you've been wronged by somebody has All the features of religion there's sin In the world which is greed And it needs to be you need to go Through this kind of conversion Experience where you realize oh my Goodness there's capitalists have been Stopping me from being happy and then You go through there's this missionary Zeal and even of course military Zeal

Where you say I'm going to try to Convert everyone else right but if they Don't listen if the capitalists don't Listen we'll just have to have a violent Revolution and make them listen wow and And so I mean think about it in terms of Converting people it's been very Successful and it continues to be Some people say we're going through Communist Revolution in the United States right now I would say so and and So that it continues to be very I think This Century will still be dealing with Those two religions What what date was that yeah February 8th I held up my copy of the Communist manifest and I said your Teacher should read this book I don't Know what they're so upset about Because I FYI is when I was 18 years old I went to Academy in New York military School And that my English teacher said exactly What the Owen is saying he says it's a Religion he had us read The Communist Manifesto he also had us read the other Guys too like Ricardo Adam Smith Um you know the other worldly Philosophers Just because they're religions and that I'm I'm running on because of the gamma JSU event I'm writing a new book Against capitalist versus Marxist you Know

You know but I realized my poor dad was A hardcore I'm coming out and saying he Was a hardcore Marxist And my my rich dad was a pure you know Adam Smith guy so free market capitalism Versus communism and I have a question So you've been a professor for how long Owen 20 years have you just Progressively seen this get worse and Worse and or more prevalent on college Campuses well I think I think so as the Generation changed Um there is a it's more of a Militaristic I I mean that in terms of The adamancy not any violence of any Kind but the adamancy of pushing this as The only narrative there was still a Case when I went to school where my Professors may have held this kind of View but they still had the skill of Presenting multiple views and I think That skill has been lost okay so we're In a generation of professors who two Problems they don't even know their view They just think it's the truth of the Matter like two plus two is four Marxism Is true and then the second thing is They don't have this skill anymore of Saying but here's the other View and Giving it a good presentation is called It's called giving it the Iron Man Presentation meaning you give it a Really strong you give your opponents The best presentation possible because

You don't want to Simply Be Be attacking An easy straw man you want to be saying Here's the here's why people like this View because usually every view has Something that people are attracted to Right or else they were in advance to so What is it that makes your opponent's View interesting Great point So what is your background really Quickly I mean how did you can well I've Been I'm even ASU guy my whole life what I mean is would you under undergraduate Yeah undergraduate degree two master's Degrees and a PhD and and I hadn't Played just like me Well I hadn't planned that necessarily But it's how it worked out in terms of Uh tuition uh offers and then a job and As I finished my PhD they had a tenure Track position open up so I took that And usually in the academic world you Talk about the many places you're in Right undergraduate here Masters here PhD there so I've had to just get used To saying I've been in AC my whole life So what I do is I make it I say it's Even worse I was at ASU when I was in daycare Because my dad went to ASU and he had me At daycare at ASU that's good so it's Good you're very similar to me that Because my dad was a college guy and They and all of his friends were College

Professors and teachers and It was a different world yeah we come Back we've been going more into what's Going on our college campuses But the real issue is Free Speech why as The first amendment the freedom of right To assemble right to speak you know Right to disagree write the petition Those all the First Amendment so we come Back Um it's been a really interesting couple Of actually this year started a year ago When Anne Atkinson From Barris honors program says would You come and teach at ASU On the on the honors program and I said I'd rather go back to Vietnam and she Goes why I said the last time I was in a College I got spit on and this was the University of Hawaii you know my Father's School And I'm going why am I going back to This college You know why would I go back on campus Because he was I was a marine pilot and We got spit on hit with eggs and all That when we came from from Vietnam I Said what is going on with my country Here and that's why when we come back to I want to talk to Owen about the Chilling effect and how we combat it Because it's so prevalent everywhere I'm Looking it's that's what people are so Afraid to speak out and we that that

Will kill our our freedom right there It's killing our country yeah our Freedom anyway I'll really think I'm Very excited about this program this is The Apex of Rich Dad versus Poor Dad and Today our guest is Dr Owen Anderson He's one of the three guys that stood up In the middle of Hanoi as far as I was Concerned so we'll be right back Foreign Already warned us 2023 is going to be The year of lost wealth after all Goldman Sachs predicts you'll see Zero Returns from stocks for the rest of 2023 And investors like you have already made A record number of emergency hardship Withdrawals from your 401ks now a Stunning survey reveals that over half The Americans making six figures are Living paycheck to paycheck combined With tens of thousands of layoffs in Just the last few weeks it becomes clear That a financial storm is brewing and Nobody is safe but if you think Brilliant investors like Robert are Letting their money waste away in a 60 40 portfolio think again for years Robert and other experts have been Investing Millions into low correlation Assets that can still climb when the Stock market flatlines and according to A recent Citibank report of the major Asset classes the lowest correlation Belongs to Art that's right Contemporary

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In 2023 and the event is called Rich Entrepreneur poor entrepreneur it's your April 6th 7 and 8 in Scottsdale Arizona The Rich Dad radio show and we're Broadcasting from beautiful Old Town Scottsdale Arizona very exciting guest And story to talk about And like I said this is kind of the Apex Of Rich Dad versus Poor Dad and just Summarizing this summer I spent with my Team teaching the young students at Barrett's honors program on campus at Arizona State and I was terrified to go On campus and everything was fine Until they decide let's take it up one More Notch and they had this big event For thousands of people not not 70 kids In a little classroom they stepped this Baby up and then the teachers attacked Us so the students loved us they Absolutely loved us but the teachers Attacked so we're very honored to have Dr Owen Anderson he's one of the people That stood up against the teach not Against the teachers but saying he'd Stood up for free speech free speech and That's that's what this issue is today And I just want to just say that Dr Owen Anderson that you are the professor of Philosophy and religious studies at Arizona State University and I didn't Realize you have books published on God's existence the natural law Declaration of Independence and the

Bible and your certified Jiu Jitsu Instructor I didn't know that Good anyway so uh the event was February 8th and this is the economist and right Inside here is The university that promote ideological Conformity to students a disservice so The war is on I mean I do call it a war How can they censor us and why are why Are our thoughts and things censored Were I don't know what do they do in School now well there's certain tactics That they use that are very common to The Marxism Freudian religions so the First thing they do is because we all Agree you can't incent an audience to Violence so you can't say hey let's go Do something violent that's not free Speech it's not protective speech so if You look at their letter opposing that Event they link the speakers to violence On purpose and incenting to violence Because that's not protective speech and So they'll say these are white Nationalist bigots Who I I it was fun to tell uh Dennis Prager that on his show that hey they Think you're a white nationalist bigot Uh and that they are doing harm to our Students so if you even question the Students beliefs about their ideology In this case usually gender ideology It's somehow hurtful and violent so That's the first tactic is to get you on

The list of people who do violence and Then the second part of that is yeah Then you don't have protected Free Speech anymore and then you've cemented That narrative this just is the Narrative and they have a fit they've They've successfully been thought police And captured the fuse out and then you Talked about the chilling effect but It's kind of chilly on campus It has been in ASU I've been looking at The weather saying But yeah the chilling effect is a legal Term from the Supreme Court about Things that make people self-censor so You think to yourself do I really want To go with the headache of speaking up And then I get opposition from my Faculty members maybe I lose friendships I stop getting invited to social events Maybe my administrators call me into Their office or send me emails and say What are you doing and so a lot of People just say it's not worth it right I have a job 40-hour week job I go to my Job do my job go home I don't want to Spend extra grief and heartache so That's called the chilling effect it Happens to students also especially Conservative and religious students they Come to the classroom and they know Their professors are far far left and so They don't speak up because they're Afraid if I say anything then I you know

Questioning that narrative my grades Will be heard yeah so it's called Self-centering it creates a chilling Effect and thankfully the Supreme Court Has been very good on upholding that as One of the most egregious violations They said of the First Amendment because It makes it so that you don't even want To have a First Amendment yeah and I and I've I've studied a little bit where They talk about I forget where they Called it but um it's where people they Prefer to be comfortable they prefer to Like not not rock the boat Um so they they hide and they don't Speak up yeah I mean most people are Conflict avoidance yes because conflict Is not fun there's some people who find Joy and I think that's a very small Amount I don't necessarily find enjoying It in fact I don't I mean I go through All the same emotions everyone else Uncomfortable uh anxiety about it all The same emotions anyone does but the Question you have to ask yourself is Well when do you stand up though how Much do you let slip by and when do you Say you know what this is going to be Uncomfortable I admit it but I got to do What's right thank you that's why this Show this radio show is so exciting for Me because you stood up and you took on 37 of these guys now the number real Quick 37 of 47 in the Barrett Honors

College which is a small College You know that that ASU represents many Many more faculty and staff who would Support that letter Who would support the letter 37. only Three people because we asked people Outside of the bear Honors College as Well and only three of us were willing To put our name on a letter saying we Defend free speech so it would be almost The overwhelming majority agree with That and then the question is some of Them might say I don't want to get Involved that's a chilling effect yeah That's a chilling effect yeah and you Are actually asked not to do interviews Exactly yeah I was asked I was asked not To do interviews unless I get approval From my college now that's a that's a Violation of our faculty manual we're You know we're still free citizens and We get to speak and we can even even be Identified as working at ASU that Doesn't mean anything I say represents ASU I don't think you would even believe That right now right or my audience that I I'm speaking for ASU right clearly I'm Not their spokesperson I just work there And I'm telling you right now my own Personal opinions so uh there's an Organization called fire the foundation For individual rights and expression Which has written a letter to ASU about That to say you can't require your

Professors to get permission ahead of Speaking to the media otherwise that's The chilling effect of free speech wow Wow wow am I I just can't believe how Bad it is you know so what what do we do I mean how there's not a lot of Owen Andersons out there that are going to be Willing to stand up and speak but we Have to don't we what what what would You tell people today well and your Experience I think what you what what Was done what will the event ended up Doing because again it was health wealth And happiness for everybody yes but what The event ended up doing was saying hey We need to be able to hear multiple Views but even that's not an end in Itself You want to hear multiple views to learn To critically think about them right now Critically think critical thinking is a Buzzword in education everyone thinks They're doing critical things but what It means now is critical theory so I'll Have professors who tell me their goal Is they get a religious student in They want to destroy that religion's Fate that student's faith and get them Over to critical theory which is just a Form of Marxism wow and so they think That's what critical theory is question Christianity or question your Judaism Whatever religion you were raised in you Should realize that's just your parents

Trying to control you but they don't Want the freedom to well wait a minute Isn't that same thing true the Marxist Resume then they're trying to control Your thought also so what I do in Philosophy is I teach students let's Learn how to actually think right what Are the assumptions of this view let's Name them identify them and then are They are they true or not true and how Could we know There was a there was a woman at the Event she had a t-shirt on said think Well it's still legal It was a it was a successful event Because people showed up not for health Wealth and happiness but to show up well That's the auditorium where they have ASU hosts Broadway musicals it's huge Yeah and it was it was packed and then You had another 16 000 watching on YouTube yeah Spur more free speech Debates on college campuses do you think This will have a good effect I think We're definitely seeing those debates on Campus the question is if I mean California was close to passing a law That doesn't allow you to question Radical gender ideology so that would Mean all of this all of the Christian Schools in that state would either have To change their faith statements or Leash so that's the stuff we're going

Into is is that level of saying you Don't even question this and that's Really the thought police right you're Not allowed to think certain things or Question certain certain things and for Me it's not even I guess if you wrote a List and you said controversial things We all know what they are in terms of Like uh questioning experts on covid or Questioning election results here's what I want a question I don't even think This is on our list is Marx right that There is no God That's what I want to raise questions About right so that's not even allowed Anymore I mean because Marx is a pure Materialist atheist he wants us to think Of History just in terms of of Oppressors and oppressed well the reason I did like Marx was he was a guy that Said get away with private property well Yeah abolition or private you know and We're real estate guys I think that's The Declaration of Independence when it Says we have these uh God created us That's why we're equal right Evolution Doesn't provide us with equality you're Competing all the time you're fighting With differences God created us equal And he endowed us with rights and so it Gives us those rights there But in John Locke's version it does say Private property Right so life liberty and property is

Their life liberty and happiness because That is that your work does matter when You work you earn something and it's Yours and you get to decide what to do With it not someone else the government In this case wants to come in and tell You what to do with it and that's that Someday you'll own nothing he'll be Happy I mean that's where we're going to And FYI this was this was February 2023 This event and and it talks about how Universities promote ideological Conformity do a service to students and It's coming out the war is on and it's The freedom of speech on College and any School camp anywhere I had and I had a Phone call yesterday uh with a woman who Uh oversees many of the home schools in Tennessee she said The Homeschool Market Because of these issues we're talking About right now is booming and people Want to take control of their kids Education back well I started a sub Stack just two weeks ago when this all Happened Dr Owen Anderson Dr Owen Anderson about this because the truth is I get questions from potential parent or Students they are parents but they're of Potential students at ASU saying hey you Know what's what's ASU like is this a Place that would respect our religion Our conservative Viewpoint or is my Students going to be constantly attacked And so I started a Subs act just to say

Hey this is the kind of events ASU holds And this is what your student will be Stepping into so in my college for Example or my school the way it works is You have schools that are made into Colleges and they're the universities All the colleges so my school made it as Goal to decolonize the curriculum what Does that mean that's a good question so It'll be presented as multiculturalism Which is great I've been doing well I Mean I teach Eastern philosophy and Western philosophy I teach world Religions all of them so that's great Multiculturalism but that's not what it Means it means you apply Marx's Theory To history and you think of all Western Ideas as the ideas of the oppressors Which aren't aren't able to be taught Anymore and you have to teach Non-western ideas only and so I think Parents want to know that's why I start On my subset I think parents want to Know if you come to this school here's What here's how history English Literature philosophy religion will be Taught through this lens without any Questioning of the lens and what did you Call that decolonize the curriculum wow What does a sub stack mean sub stack is A it's sort of it's a site for blogs now Popular site for blogs So I write like a week I usually write About three or four articles basically

It's a place where I write articles that Say Hey look at this event that ASU is Having so if they're if they're Protesting your event because maybe it's Too too political what about these 99 Other events that are political on the Other side of the spectrum So FY what happened was when we heard okay And we taught all summer students loved It this event in Gammage we got attacked So I called uh Carey Lake she's she's Running for she was running for governor And I I believe her election was taken I Have no proof of it but she's a great Person neighbor of ours and within 10 Minutes she had a post out and then she Had all of these reporters conservative Reporters firing back at ASU so it was Really quite interesting so I said this Was exciting for me because it's like Rich Dad Poor Dad played out in the World stage And what happened is because Carrie Lake Fired back through her media and there Were some great people on the other side Uh that's what made the event successful If not there might be nobody there well And that's a good point because when it First came up we're like oh now what are We going to do it's like and Sarah we've Had these discussions a lot Um what are we going to do should we Postpone it should we do this should we

Do that I was going to quit I said I'm Not going to quit yeah I told I told Anne Atkinson I don't want to go back to Hanoi I've already done that one that's The chilling effect that's it yeah yeah Exactly and we said if they if we pull Out they win and so we had to we had to Keep going but to your point what I what I liked is one of the AFF one of the Effects that happened is now we got all This publicity and we and we painted it Red and we made a deal of it you stood Up the other two professors stood up yes Um so I don't I think and what I'm just So impressed with is the really the Message I'm getting is you we just Cannot Be the be at the effect of the chilling Effect we have got to speak out we've Got to stand up we've got to take action We got to do the right thing Let's not take a side and stand up for Free speech Free Speech yeah yeah that That's that's exactly what I mean we're Back to that level and what I mean is That should be like Elementary School of Course everybody gets to present their Ideas right that's not like a an Advanced position you have to take but We're back to that level at the University of just reminding people hey Everyone gets to present their views and I guess like I said earlier I'm a Philosopher so I'm used to people saying

To me you're wrong like oh yeah I know You think I'm wrong I mean here's my Reasons why and you have your reasons Why so but but a lot of people are Conflict avoidant and they don't want to Be told someone thinks they're wrong and So now that's actually been defined as Violence so if I say to you hey I think You're wrong about your gender ideology That's an act of violence and you're not Allowed to speak oh my God so um I had Another I had one other question I was Just going to ask so let me just say This if you want to see this We'll make this program available you Can watch it for yourself it's about an Hour long it's Dr Radha gopalan again He's a doctor of he's my cardiologist He's a heart transplant specialist smart Dude but he's also a doctor of Cardiology it was me he was for health I Was for wealth and Dennis pragos for Happiness and because of that I said Prayer I'm a happier person so I'm not Speaking and because of Dr Coppola I'm Alive today so I'm happy about that too It was a great event and it turned out So good because people stood up yep now I remember what I'm going to say so Um when you talk about debate okay Here's what I go a little crazy with on The the left I don't get a lot of facts I get opinions and emotion so when you Do you have debates on campus you have

You have debates in your classroom Correct I put in my classroom that's why I try to teach my students how to do That I mean you want to do it Respectfully there's no name calling There's no insulting there's no using The weakest version of your opponent Right because you might find a clip of Something that's what that's what the Professors did is they used Media Matters which is a far left-wing Organization that finds a clip of Dennis Prager or a clip of Charlie crook saying Something and puts that up there and Says look at what they're doing and so That's not the way to argue against your Opponents what's their best argument but That doesn't mean everyone's views are Right I mean you still might find out They they're still incorrect but you yes You gave them the respect of giving them The best possible presentation so uh I I Feel like that is a skill that's just Been lost and and we need to revive that If we're going to have civil dialogue Yes I cracked up because I got the same Comment I had for years well what what Is he writing this book about money for All he is is a Xerox salesman Obviously I laugh about that is because My poor dad hated salesman he's a College professor yeah well they're look Down on in that yeah I'll remind people I'm a best-selling author and I make a

Lot of money selling books I don't just Write books so when they said well I'll Use is a Xerox salesman I thought is That as low as you can go they attacked Your your whole character as well and Yeah and uh again that's that's the Level of slander there's a lot of things You can find wrong in the personal life Of Karl Marx well let me let me say this To a professor a Salesman a scum well Yeah they're lawyers because I don't Know my poor dad just hated salesmen so When I I worked at Xerox only because my Rich dad said if you're going to be an Entrepreneur you've got to learn how to Sell so I ended up with IBM and Xerox Just FYI but they still Professor still All yes is a Xerox salesman I'm going Give me a break I'm the number one Best-selling author in history right now I mean in modern history 25 years ago And I'm rich dad poor that's still Number one across the world well that's It there's I'm a best-selling author and Not our best writing author Yeah well yeah so I'm on the other side Of the speaker I've written books not Best-selling Salesman anyone in business and Religious people so they'll use Anecdotal stories about business people Who who were greedy and they harmed Others and that's somehow proof against Private property and then they'll use of

Course religious people are just trying To get your money and and of course There's been really people who claim to Be religious who do that and there's Been people who are who are have Businesses that might have hurt others But those are called anecdotal evidence That's not actually arguing against the Other position because there's a lot of Good businessmen there's a lot of good Religious people and so you can look at The life of Karl Marx and find all kinds Of problems in his personal life I would Never present an argument like that I Would look at his philosophical Assumptions about the world yes another Thing too is Dennis Prager is one of the Biggest educational entrepreneurs in the World And if I was a you know a little Professor sitting in my office so what Is Prager doing you know he's Influencing millions and that's the Religion well see you're thinking as a Businessman or an empirical person right That there's a religious side of it is No we're willing even to be the the lone Voice because we're suffering for the Good cause of Communism or something Right so they don't want to look at Models and say no our president's not Like that President Crow is great Actually he's great yeah but but so Thankfully he is he's a pragmatist

Empirical but that's how that's your Mistake here so to speak is that you're Thinking empirically and then that's not They're not thinking that way yeah and Then uh Professor Amanda Mr crawl Fantastic I we met him years ago Michael Fabulous job yes very very big man so um Final words Owen to our audience based On your experience what would you well I I think Robert was right when he held up The uh Communist Manifesto I said read this Hold it up again sure yeah show the Yeah held this up I brought I brought my Copy just because the way it begins is All of history is a class struggle and If you're a student and you're being Taught that in history I don't think that's the correct view of History but minimally what I would tell You is there's other reviews of how to Understand history you should Familiarize yourself with them and ask Yourself do I have to accept the going Narrative among my professors about race Gender and economics or can I question Those assumptions am I free to do that In my class and at a State University Doesn't have a faith a private University can do what it wants has a Faith Creed State University should not Be a place that is one-sided it should Allow All Views to be at all and Students should be allowed to question

The narratives well Dr Owen Anderson I Thank you for having the courage to Stand up but again that's ladies and Gentlemen is one of the best things when You stand up you find out who stands up With you you also find out who wants to Stab you in the back but also that's Part of life so I really I commend you I Thank you and I'm very I've been been Excited about doing this interview with You for a while that'll work yes thank You and um to your point to um one of Robert's teachers and one of the people We follow is Buckminster Fuller or Buckminster Fuller and one thing I've Never forgotten he always said question Everything questions Everybody right yeah so that's what That's what I'm taking away today Question everything so thank you thank You thank you and thank you for your Courage for standing up appreciate it Well we'll have arm and guards get you Off So thank you and we'll write back for The final words Listen to this program anytime on iTunes And Android and we always archive it at so you have friends Family members or anybody who needs to Hear this please go to And you can watch us also the video of Uh the event at Gammage with health Wealth and happiness

Uh with Dr kapalan myself and Dennis Prager is available online also so I Want to thank Dr Um Owen Anderson simply because it's a Time to stand up saying of this These Are times that men's try men's Souls so When the professors attacked us I almost quit I'm not lying to you I Said well I I don't want this conflict So the chilling effect But because we fought back through with Kerry Lake's help The event turned out 10 times more Successful than if we had just kind of Chilled it and walked in and you know Done our shotgun Jive but because we Stood up and then fought back It made the event a thousand times more Successful so I think the big lesson for This Rich Dad Radio Show stand up you Know right or wrong stand up take the Heat and Dr Anderson you were you were About to step out of the studio and then You had a comment and we're like Whoa We Need to hear that so what was your Comment you wanted to make well just Adding to what I had said before and Building out what Robert just said is Learn how to have courage and being Willing to have courage is such an Important virtue that our society would Need and so learn if you think Something's true You should want to stand up for it right

And the base of the word courage is Liqueur the heart And that's where it comes from you have To have heart and we we fought back and I and I like what else you said about oh What did you what did you do with your Life oh I was just comfortable yeah Being comfortable I was chilling yeah Yeah there really is a great conflict Going on by great I mean large huge Conflict going on for ideas well that's That's coming up now you know that's one Thing about the Marxist religion is If you say you convert to Christianity You'd say oh I'm a Christian now I go to Church but with Marxism they've been Very successful because you don't even Know you're a Marxist right they can They can convert your mind and you don't Have to say I'm a Marxist I go to their Church anything like that but when you Start speaking people realize oh you've Accepted all the principles of the Communist Manifesto and so part of the Conflict going on is just helping people Realize what they think know themselves They don't even know themselves so if You're anti-realistic you're a Marxist Yeah and when you say the philosophy and The principles of Communist Manifesto I Haven't read it you know what this has Spurred me to want to read it because I Think if more people read it they'd go Oh my God this is what I'm saying yep

You know here's these college students Going well that's what I'm being taught Yep and we need a and it's very nice of Them to have done that they put it into One little booklet You know what I love about this one look At this real quick so there's this early This early one authorized English Translation do you know who They're Copying that's the Bible the King James Is called the authorized version so this Is is their Bible right and they even Have that language on here the Authorized version so so I think what we Need Freud is very long-winded and and Like a mage reading him so we need Something like that from the freudians That says this is what you we think About gender development and then we Would know how we got here and I think It would help people to know hey when You're you're a young person and you're Hearing this gender ideology and you're Thinking about adopting it this is the Religion you're converting to you know Maybe you're a raised Christian you're Raised Jewish and now you're being told Go to this religion it is a change and These are its assumptions and here's Where it comes from bring it home Because you might look at someone who Stands up and you say oh that's not like Me they're they just maybe they like This stuff maybe they like the attention

Maybe they enjoy fighting and and if you Talk to someone and you get to know them You find out no none of us no one likes This kind of stuff right there's all Kinds of enjoyable things you can do With your life that don't include people Attacking you internet trolls attacking You faculty members ignoring you and Being intimidated all that yeah so so so Just know that if you're if you're Called to have courage and you feel Those emotions that's very normal that's What courage means so the final word From Dr Owen Anderson is courage come From the front French word La Cur the Heart thank God for listening to the Rich Dad radio program thank you

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