APPLE ANNOUNCES INSURANCE COMPANY IN 2024 – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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And what's up You guys tell me sliding in was Different so I had to bring them back This week I appreciate you guys so much Please tell me what was the biggest Lesson that you picked up from last Week announcements really quick if you Are tired of losing in the market tired Of not knowing where to get in Where to get out When to know when big changes in the Market are going to happen go to join and you can join the stock Club I appreciate you guys So very much let's get right into it Um I want more than anything to be a voice Of reason for you in the stock market to Make this very easy for you Um but I am at a place where I'm not Here To convince anyone of anything You have every Liberty every right to do Your own research I'm here to help you But as we go into this next year And these next two years will be Incredibly important for Your life especially financially you're Going to have to decide whether you're Going to follow the blueprint given here Or if you're going to sit on the Sidelines and be afraid please put in Chat I will not be afraid I will execute effortlessly

Now my favorite segment of the show Ian Told yourself I'm just joking in 2024 Apple has announced that they will Launch An insurance company and shout out to Everyone who tagged me in this post and Commented on it on social media at the Mass investor on Instagram Um you can look up Ian Dunlap on YouTube Etc but In 2020 some of you asked me like how Did you see this company coming for this Company And the real formula I will wait to Probably give at Market money is live Please go get your tickets but the next Evolution for Apple since they have Dominated the consumer space Obviously it's B2B or Enterprise Facing Project and what is more important than Health care you can argue if anyone is Doing a SWOT analysis and saying hey if I had to take out Tech Out of my portfolio and replace it with Something what sector would I replace it With and it would probably be Healthcare Eli Lilly is a company that I love Um it has performed incredibly well But if you're looking at the evolution Of Apple how many more iPhones can they Release how many more iPads can they Launch They are now getting to that wearable

Space to compete against meta And Zuckerberg but the real gold mine At the end of the rainbow is the Healthcare space so since they've been Gathering our data off the Apple watch And all of our sleep data and having us More focused on eliminating distractions Even from the iPhone they've been able To take their data compile it And launch a company around that I Believe around 20 35 is probably When Tim Cook will retire If he can get this component done and I Can even argue for those of you who work In the medical space for those of you That are doctors and nurses if Apple Gets upset and decides to redesign the Software systems inside of Hospitals would it make the process just Let's say for charting alone Easier In comparison to the software programs That you use now there really only are a Few Business genres that matter Health Financial or investing Is another Please put in chat what you think the Other top three Are based on Revenue Globally Smart move by Apple it will definitely Give them a Competitive Edge into the

Landscape for the next 30 or 40 years And honestly since they have not Innovated much on the technology side It's something that they need to move Into relatively so And I got an amazing question Um Is there another way to increase my Probability as a Trader by using the Moving average most days I get the Direction right so I'm check out the Week I'm checking today I'm checking the Hour is there anything else that I Should do I've talked about this briefly At invest Fest in Atlanta But also whatever your day trading time Frame is so if you're using a 20 minute All of those will need to match up so Like the week chart day chart our chart In 20 minute chart would need to match Up before you're able to execute a trade Secondly I know I've said it before But there's a difference between Information that you hear and and I I Really want us to stop getting high off Of new information I know it feels Amazing to get exposed to a new piece of Information because the field the joy That we get from it the Elation that we Get from it is amazing but if you don't Apply it it doesn't matter Um the only thing that is going to teach You how to trade Is getting a certain number of Trades

And if you have been watching the show For a year or two you haven't gotten in Your 300 trades or 100 trades minimum Now is the time to do so all your Revelation and honestly and it's not an Attack on this brother anyone else But the more question a person asks me About any subject usually is Representative of they have not done the Work in that space to come up with a Conclusion on their own so is there Anything else that you should be looking For number one Global macro news so is The market tending to go up or go down This oil this year going up or down this Corn going up or down is wheat and Palladium going up or down is the value Of only fans girls going up or down Everything has a direction it's either Up or down there's no in between either A category or business is growing or Dying Once you know that now you can go Through the weekday hour 20 minutes and You can fire away at your trade and then After that it's really Just being faithful to your trading plan And also the person that you're Following in terms of who is mentoring You or Giving you that advice And I saw this amazing quote earlier This week it said if you Do not separate yourself from your

Distractions your distractions will Separate you from your goals and the Life that you want Please put in chat what is stopping you From taking your 300 trades whether you Work or you go to school or you know Trading release into your thing Isn't it a an amazing feeling to be able To pull money out of the market without Having to sell a product service Get on a whole bunch of calls a whole Bunch of conference calls like it is a Skill set that you need to add to it Doesn't have to be your primary thing As it is for me I will say you are Leaving a lot of money on the table and You're leaving yourself open To a lot of disaster if you don't have The skill set underneath your belt a lot Of the reason why I don't worry Because I prepared myself since the last Crash and I want you to have the kind of Calmness piece Serenity relaxation that I have knowing If anything else if no one wants to do Business with me right and we've been Talking about Kanye a lot and we'll talk About it later tonight one thing I wish I wish I would have been able to grab Kanye two years ago or show them how to Trade the market so that way any Liquidity that he needed To not be attached to Adidas or Nike he Could have provided on his own

So if you do not know how to learn how To trade you are always going to be at The mercy of someone else for your Liquidity and your financial freedom and I don't want you to Have to suffer that fate Um prices Um have fallen to one of the fastest Paces on record And I'm not telling you this for doing my Gloom but I want you guys to get used to Some of these stats so from uh the National Bank housing price index punch 3.1 percent in September from August That's the biggest month-to-month plunge Ever so a year and a half ago when I was Telling you hey a real estate crash is Going to come There are ways that you'll be able to Take advantage of that and as a market Has fallen so for those of you who have Not purchased a home yet or you're Waiting to buy your investment property Now will be a good time to start Marketing off the prices And Rose real estate the same way you Would in stocks if you want to hold for The long term I want to go to some key vix levels real Quick for you and I want to give you a Homework assignment And please realize the vix levels For most people represent fear for you I

Want them to represent opportunity So the vix levels just really represent Fear Understand and there's an indicator for When people are worried about where the Market is going to be Even if you don't know When to get in based on the price of the Stock even though I give it to give them To you here on the show if you mark off These levels you'll know when you should Start to look to get into the market and Before we get to these levels you Shouldn't Panic so if you know when to Get in because I'm telling you and these Levels I think it will make your Investing Journey a hell of a lot easier But let me guide you through them really Quickly So a really quick way when you go to the Vix is to mark off the top five Highest prices that you see in the Market so of course This is one this is one And then we have these three here That were hit so 85 47 and you can draw A range Here so let's say from 83 to 85 if the Market got to these levels This Is 2020 And that would be a place that you would Look to buy second level would be let's Say [Music] Let me scoot this over for you let's say

About 58.29 This would be another level here Okay and then let's say hypothetically If we got to and these this is really Interesting because of here here and Here this price was hit three separate Times So if we look back here in 2015 2018 Early in 2020. this price of 49 41 have been hit three times this is Like a very key level that that has been Hit three times this is what you would Call a triple top this has happened Three times and then of course in 2020 It broke through and went from the that 49 level up to 85. So when you see these vix levels let's Say you set an alert And let's say you see that we get above This 49.41 level on the vix that will be A time that you wouldn't want to look to Buy the S P 500 or any stock if it's in The top two of this industry and it's if It's in Tech Healthcare I want to be Very careful because I don't want you to Buy like marijuana company and then all Of a sudden this strategy doesn't work So like a top three sector and by the Top two companies and in it and if these Prices push above so let's say Hypothetically I think it will but if Next week if we break above and go from 29 69 and we break above

49 and get to 60. this will be an area I Would look to start to buy The stock market for the long term And what's up [Music]

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