Addressing Cultural Appropriation: The Importance of Working and Collaborating Instead of Complaining

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As an advocate for cultural understanding and collaboration, I believe it is crucial to address the issue of cultural appropriation. In this blog post, I will delve into the significance of working together and fostering genuine collaborations, rather than merely complaining. Join me as we explore the importance of embracing diversity and respecting cultural boundaries in a united effort to celebrate and appreciate one another’s differences.

Addressing Cultural Appropriation: The Importance of Working and Collaborating Instead of Complaining


As an artist, I often find myself complaining about cultural appropriation in the entertainment industry. It’s disheartening to see how certain individuals profit from the creative works of others without giving credit or respect to their cultural origins. However, recently I’ve started to question my approach. Am I really doing enough to address this issue? Am I working together with others to create a platform that celebrates diverse voices and cultures? In this article, I want to explore the idea that while complaining is important, it is equally crucial to work and collaborate with other artists and creators to prevent cultural appropriation.

Complaining Alone is Not Enough

I complain about the vultures in the industry who exploit cultural elements for profit, but I’ve come to realize that just complaining won’t bring about lasting change. We need to take action and work together to create a stronger platform where cultural appropriation is challenged and minimized. By joining forces, artists and up-and-comers can make a significant impact and ensure that there is no room for the likes of Vlad, who consistently appropriates various cultural elements without consequences.

Filling the Void with Collaboration

Someone fills the void that we can’t complain about, such as Vlad, because we are not proactively collaborating. If artists and creators come together to create a united front against cultural appropriation, there would be no room for individuals like Vlad to thrive. By harnessing our collective influence, we can create a space where respect for different cultures is fostered and celebrated.

The Vacuum of Not Working Together

Not working together with others creates a vacuum, which allows opportunistic individuals like Vlad to take advantage. When we are divided and fail to collaborate, we inadvertently create a breeding ground for cultural appropriation. It is important for us to recognize our collective power and work together to ensure cultural sensitivity and respect are at the forefront of the entertainment industry.

Vlad: Willing to Do What Others Aren’t

What sets Vlad apart from other media personalities is his willingness to do what others aren’t. He fearlessly appropriates cultural elements, gaining attention and popularity. While it may be easy to fault Vlad for his actions, it is important to assess the underlying reasons why he has been able to establish a place for himself in the industry. Collaboration and working together can bridge the gap between cultural respect and creative expression, making Vlad’s tactics less viable.

Maintaining a Moral Ground

Many artists and creators choose to maintain a moral ground and avoid certain questions or actions that may perpetuate cultural appropriation. While this is commendable, we must also recognize the importance of giving consumers what they want to hear. Vlad, despite his problematic approach, caters to a demand in the market. By coming together and working collaboratively, we can provide consumers with authentic and culturally respectful content that also meets their desires.


Complaining about cultural appropriation is an essential step towards addressing this issue. However, it is equally important to take that complaint and turn it into action by working and collaborating with other artists and creators. By uniting against cultural appropriation, we can create a platform that celebrates diversity, respects cultural origins, and minimizes the opportunities for individuals like Vlad to exploit the creative works of others.

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