A Brief Showcase of My (Not a) Complete Gold Stack – A Video

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Welcome to my blog post where I showcase my (not a) complete gold stack through a video. As a passionate collector of precious metals, I am thrilled to share with you the beauty and value of my gold stack. In this short video, you will get a glimpse of some of the most unique and rare gold pieces that I have acquired over the years. Sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the fascinating world of gold collection!


In a recent video, the speaker showcased his collection of gold coins and discussed his choices for storing them. While acknowledging that his collection is not complete, he emphasized his preference for simplicity in his investments and recommended a trusted dealer, JM Bullion. This article will provide a brief summary of the video and dive into more detail about the speaker’s collection and investment choices.

The Speaker’s Collection and Storage Choices

The speaker started his collection of gold coins as a form of investment. He prefers coins over bars because they are easier to sell individually and have less of a markup. He also recommends purchasing coins that are widely recognized, such as American Eagles, Canadian Maples, or South African Krugerrands.

For storage, he recommends keeping coins in a safe or safe deposit box. In the video, he shows viewers the safes he uses and the combination locks he prefers. He cautions against storing gold coins in a safe that is not bolted down or in a location that is easily accessible to others.

Semi-Numismatic Pieces

While advocating for simplicity in his collection, the speaker also includes semi-numismatic pieces such as the Chinese myths and legends series. These coins have a premium over their gold value but are still widely recognized and sought after by collectors. The speaker states that he does not collect for the numismatic value but rather for the potential increase in value over time.

Other Investment Assets

In addition to his gold coin collection, the speaker also invests in other assets such as cryptocurrency and mining stocks. He acknowledges that these investments are riskier but can also provide a higher return. He encourages viewers to diversify their investments but warns against investing more than they can afford to lose.


Throughout the video, the speaker includes disclaimers that he is not a financial advisor and encourages viewers to do their own research and seek professional advice. He also mentions that he does include affiliate links in the video description that may earn him commissions from qualifying purchases.


In this brief showcase of his gold stack, the speaker offers valuable insights into his investment strategy. He advocates for simplicity in his collection, emphasizes the importance of secure storage, and cautions against investing more than what one can afford to lose. While acknowledging that he does include affiliate links, the speaker also encourages viewers to report any suspicious activity or fake social media profiles claiming to be him.


  1. Does the speaker receive commissions from JM Bullion?

No, the speaker recommends JM Bullion as a trusted dealer but does not receive commissions from them.

  1. What are semi-numismatic pieces?

Semi-numismatic pieces are coins that have a premium over their gold value due to their collectability and rarity.

  1. Should I invest in gold coins or bars?

It depends on personal preference. Coins are easier to sell individually and have less of a markup, while bars can be more cost-effective for larger investments.

  1. Should I store my gold coins at home or in a safe deposit box?

It is recommended to store gold coins in a safe or safe deposit box. If storing at home, make sure the safe is bolted down and not easily accessible to others.

  1. Is the speaker a financial advisor?

No, the speaker includes disclaimers in the video and recommends that viewers do their own research and seek professional advice.

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