999 VS 9999 Silver – WHICH IS BETTER?

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Most silver bullion coins that are Minted today are made out of three nines Fine silver or 99.9 silver however some Are made out of four nines fine silver Or 99.99 silver most notably the Australian Silver kangaroo and the Canadian silver Maple leaf now the question becomes Which one is better three nines or four Nines fine or does it even matter that's What we're going to talk about in this Video Let's Do It Thank you so much for watching my video I do sincerely appreciate it if you want To learn more about investing in Precious metals or if you just want to Watch awesome videos about gold and Silver make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel okay so which is better The three nines fine silver coins or the Four nines fine silver coins now just so You know it doesn't matter if we're Talking about coins rounds or bars the Bottom line is which Purity is better Now most people would think that four Nines fine silver would be better Because they would assume that these Coins actually have more silver in them But they would be incorrect the bottom Line is that every single one of these Coins has at least one troy ounce of Pure silver in it and there is some Other metals mixed in as well usually Copper is mixed in with the silver coins

And it's really hard to get all of the Copper out during the refining process So the majority of these will be mostly Silver with a tiny bit of copper added On this website they talk about American Silver eagles and they do state that the Coins have three nines fine silver in Them however they break it down even Further saying that they have 99.93 silver and .07 percent copper However they do contain one ounce of Pure silver so if we compare the three Nines fine silver eagle to a four nines Fine silver maple leaf you will see the Silver eagle does contain an ounce of Silver but it also has 0.0007 of an ounce of copper the silver Maple also has an ounce of silver but Because it's four nines fine it only has 0.0001 of an ounce of copper now this Amount of copper in the silver eagle is Basically not worth anything it's worth Worth way less than a penny right now But what if you didn't just have one Coin what if you had a million silver Eagles well if we were to refine out all Of the Copper from these silver eagles You would have one million ounces of Silver and 700 ounces of copper for the Maples you'd have a million ounces of Silver and only 100 ounces of copper and This would bring a profit of a hundred And sixty eight dollars on the Eagles And only twenty four dollars on the

Maples but obviously if you take the Cost of refining you're actually going To lose a ton of money by doing this so Basically the small amount of copper That's in the silver eagles no matter How many of them you have will never be Worth anything now of course this is Assuming that every single coin minted Will be perfect it'll have the exact Right amount of silver in it and a Slight amount of copper as well but we Know that during the minting process There will be slight imperfections and Not every single coin will be identical Here is a mint talking about the rounds That they produce each coin is Individually weighed and just to Guarantee that each one's at least one Troy ounce if you look up at the chart Each coin that's weight shows up here in This chart And if it's under that bottom red line Then it gets rejected and comes out to The reject file Well like I said it's important to us to Be able to guarantee that each piece is At least one troy ounce so if you buy 100 100 troy ounces of silver you're Gonna get 120 ounces plus some because We don't want to have any of our pieces Going out into the market that are Underweight now we do know that the U.S Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint are two Of the biggest mints in the world today

And they probably have an incredible Amount of quality control so I'm sure Most of their coins are very similar in Weight now because the silver eagles Have slightly more copper in them than The silver Maples they should weigh more So let's take a hundred silver eagles And compare the weight of those to the Weight of 100 Silver Maple Leafs and see If they indeed are heavier okay we have 99 let's add one more silver eagle and The weight is now 100.566 troy ounces so this is way Overweight I mean the additional copper In these hundred Eagles should only be 0.07 so clearly there's a lot of Additional silver in here as well but Let's weigh the maples okay we were at 99 and 100 and the weight is 100.23 troy ounces so there is some Additional silver in these Maples as Well but they do weigh less than the American silver eagles I'm sure some of That is because of the copper and the Rest is probably I don't know just Quality control it's possible I need a Bigger sample size I mean 100 coins Really isn't that much but at least we Do know that these silver Maples and the Silver eagles weigh more than they're Supposed to so you're gonna get at least One ounce of pure silver with either Coin and this goes for really any coins

Across the board whether they're three Nines fine silver or four nines fine Silver you're gonna get one ounce of Silver either way and with the three Nines fine silver coins you are gonna Get a little bit of free copper along With them however it's not really worth Anything and it's impractical to refine It out so basically it doesn't matter I Think the the bottom line is that when It comes to investing in silver coins Silver rounds or silver bars it does not Matter if there are three nines fine Silver or four nines fine silver these Are basically the same thing I mean the Industry standard for silver bullion is Three nines fine so if they are four Nines fine or even five nines fine it Doesn't really matter this is not Necessary for investment grade silver The only time you really need four nines Fine silver is if you are using the Silver for medical purposes if you're Making colloidal silver for example you Would want silver with less impurities In it so you get the purest colloidal Silver possible and so yeah I mean for Medical purposes obviously it would be Better to have four or even five nines Fine silver but for investment it's Simply not necessary if you are Comparing different silver coins for Stacking or silver investing I do not Think the Purity should be a deciding

Factor as long as it meets the minimum Requirement of being three nines fine I Mean there are so many other things that Are more important perhaps the premium Or price of the coin maybe the design Beauty condition these things are way More important than the Purity I mean It's kind of gimmicky in my opinion to Even refine silver as much as four nines Fine for investment bullion it's not Really needed but anyway this is my Opinion I'm curious what your opinion is Feel free to leave a comment Down Below In the comment section I want to say a Massive thank you so much for watching And I will see you all in my next one Silver dragons out

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