401k Rollover Options When Changing Jobs 🌟

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CEBR Predicts 15% House Price Rise and What It Means to Investors

The economy is on a slow but steady upswing, reflected in part by a prediction in house value increase. Land investors might benefit from this.

All You Need To Know About Certificates Of Deposits

Certificates of Deposits or CDs are often neglected by most of us, but they can turn out to be great if you invest in them for long term. In this article I share all the things that you should know about them!

Is 9% of Developed Land In the UK Enough?

Advocates for greenbelts and open lands find Government proposals to build outward unsettling. But the housing shortage for a growing population may require it.

Land Development in the UK: Seven Rules to Guide Investors

The significant increase in land value that comes from converting open lands to housing is hugely attractive. But newer investors need to know the rules.

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