1000% Gain Selling Silver πŸš€ Here’s What Happened

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You can play the gold to Silver ratio Swap back and forth maybe win some free Gold you can wait for that Silver Moon Shot or you can sell your silver invest That capital in something else and then Take those gains and put that back into Gold What's that crazy talk If you saw my recent short video You're Gonna at least have an idea of what this One is about I sold some silver after Selling I jumped in on the crypto craze Temporarily I got back out and that left Me with about 10 times the value of the Silver that I sold exiting silver it's Just not a topic that I cover here much Because it's kind of a magnet for a Certain kind of comment but now that a Little bit of time has passed I think We're ready to give it another shot as a Quick rundown August 12 2020 I sold Three tubes of American silver eagles And four 10 ounce silver bars average Price there was thirty dollars so I Walked away with three thousand in cash And then later that day I bought a Thousand dollars worth of bitcoin when It was trading at 11 550 and two Thousand dollars worth of ethereum when It was at 385. a few days later I Followed that up sold a little bit more Silver I bought two more eth I bought Some quarter ounce gold coins I put a Small amount into a silver ETF but

Story's going to get really messy if I Itemize all of my sales and purchases I'll just focus on that first day So shortly after doing it I made a video I laid out the details and then I Followed up about a week later and then A few weeks after that and I was Comparing the four assets laugh Olympics Style that's a Hanna-Barbera reference For the youngsters here so I had Silver Spot basically what it would have been Out of if silver outperformed the others I had gold spot and then I had bitcoin Price and ethereum price I multiplied That by the amount that I have so you Could kind of see in a comparison which One was winning I wasn't encouraging Anyone else to do this and I didn't feel Like I was doing this in any kind of Patronizing way but it was pretty clear That most people wanted nothing to do With crypto nobody even really wanted to Hear about it and the comments were Getting pretty salty so I more or less Let the topic die Now just for backstory this was at a Time when a lot of metals YouTubers were Hyping the first silver squeeze channels Were getting huge views anytime they Mentioned the squeeze anytime they Mentioned anything about the potential Upside of silver and here I was saying That I had just sold all of mine and This was also a time when the crypto

YouTubers were starting to get pretty Worked up too so if you look back at Late 2020 to that early even 2022 it was A lot of crazy stuff going on everyone Was bananas and you have to wonder if There are people out there who think That that time frame is actually a Benchmark for how things really work I Mean if you kicked off your investing Adventure right in August of 2020 it Would be hard not to Back to the specific story though in May Of 2021 I sold Bitcoin when it was Trading at 57 000 ethereum when it was At 4 000 and that left me with about 26 000 before fees now I mentioned that I Went back a couple days later so it's More silver I bought some more eth I Still have some of that and there are Some other things that I've done as well We're going to come back to that so just Focusing on that initial purchase when Ethereum hit 10x that's what triggered Me to sell so that's the important part The fact that I sold because had I not I Would have ended up writing it back down I would have still been up but it would Have been 2x rather than 10x I mean I Got wrecked in there too there were some Unrelated defy Investments so I'm not Looking for congratulations here you win Some you lose some and 2022 is a really Good example of that most of what I'm Down on though I guess I haven't

Actually sold so that's more a case of You win some you hold some but the point Is that I'm not out buying Lambos with My internet fun money So now all of the earnings from that Crypto sale went into an account and That funded some gold purchases so 14 Ounces of gold came out from that over The next few months I've never had a GSR Swap that really worked out for me from A financial perspective but swapping Silver into Bitcoin and eth cashing that Out and then swapping that to Gold well That that worked pretty well I wish I Could repeat it but I think that ship has sailed for now so If we just look at the Swap using the Spot price for gold and silver today the 100 ounces of silver that I started with Would be worth about twenty four hundred Dollars today the 14 ounces of gold that I have now is worth twenty seven Thousand dollars so it was a swap that Multiplied my metal value by a factor of 10 or is it 11. close enough I like I alluded to earlier I had plenty Of Investments this past year really Tank and it was a tough year not just For crypto and D5 but for any of the Markets that I typically trade in so a Trade that ended up with a 10x gain Well that's not typical performance for Me it feels a little bit like I'm Apologizing for this again and it's kind

Of why I don't like to do videos like This so maybe we can just say I'm not a Professional Trader leave it at that Because if I get a win now and then I'm Gonna take it now the related topic here Is the GSR personally I have not had Much luck making silver to gold trades Or even gold to Silver trades and then Back again to me one of the only reasons That a GSR trade even makes sense is That the coin shops happen to deal with Both assets so you can easily make the Trade in one stop rather than doing what I did taking capital from one asset Class investing it in another and then Bringing it back into a third At gold and silver they're just totally Different things to me they look similar But I don't think that it makes sense to Buy silver instead of gold because the GSR is historically High I don't think That the GSR will ever go down to 15 to 1. and none of that makes sense to me But the question comes up a lot and I Think that this example of selling out a Silver using that capital for an Investment and then repatriating the Gains to put it back into gold I think That that makes more sense than waiting For an opportunity to trade one for the Other now I'm sure there are people out There who've made this work but if you Just take the population at large the Only party consistently winning on those

Trades is going to be a dealer they get Paid the premium twice I think that some people think of silver As a means to an end some people maybe They think of it as the end or I guess Even for the end I just think of it as a Secondary player I enjoy it I'm not out Of it as you can see here these are type 2 Eagles they're relatively new I bought Them when spot dipped below twenty Dollars but I just don't get real caught Up in it as a financial vehicle if it Were to go to the Moon That'll be fun but I'm not holding my Breath so that's it 10x my silver value By selling it in the end I came away With some gold so I didn't get out I'm Buying some silver back here and there And I don't expect to be able to repeat This at least not anytime soon so if Nothing else I'm just hoping this video Can give some context to my take in the GSR trades I don't let the performance Of one asset dry my decisions for a Totally separate asset so I'm not going To speculate on silver in the hope that I can roll that into gold they're just Better ways to do what I mentioned that Before and I think that this is at least A good example of it now silver and gold Are affected by the same factors but They aren't necessarily affected by each Other so what do you think does it make Sense to chase that gold to Silver Ratio

Or are they two entirely separate things Let us know and while you're at it be Sure to hit the like button if you found Any of this interesting be sure you're Subscribed with notifications turned on If you'd like to see more on the topic And if you're still here thanks again For watching I always appreciate your Time Take care

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